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Phonak C & C Line - Kit 2 for BTE & ITE Hearing Aids

Whether you’re a new or experienced hearing aid user, our maintenance packs will help you care for your aid(s). Your audiologist or hearing aid dispenser will have advised you about the importance of looking after your hearing aid.

The pack includes:

Handy carry bag

Two drying capsules & drying beaker

Tool Set:

Brush/Tool with wire loop/Two plastic vent cleaners

10 x cleansing wipes

1 x nano pro cleansing

Using the Tool Set

This basic mini tool set is ideal for cleaning different areas on your hearing aid and earmould. It has a handy brush, a tool with a wire loop and two plastic vent cleaners.

1. Use the brush to sweep away any wax or debris from the earmould or battery compartment.

2. Use the wire loop to pick any wax out from the end of the earmould.

3. Gently push the vent cleaner element down the vent hole or tubing. To clean the tubing, it’s best to remove the mould and tubing from the hearing aid first

4. Gently clean away any debris or wax that is removed from the vent hole or tubing.

Using the cleansing tissues and cleansing stick
The tissues are ideal for quick external cleaning of the aid and earmold and can be used every day. The nano stick provides five day antimicrobial protection coating externally to the hearing aid and ear


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