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Phonak have more than 60 years experience in developing and producing top range hearing aids. Their latest digital hearing aid is the 'Phonak Exelia', incorporating Bluetooth technology and colour screen remote controls adding extra versatility and bringing hearing aids into a new era. Phonak also supply remote control watches for easy and discreet use. All hearing aid prices include VAT.

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Phonak is a global leader in the development and manufacture of hearing systems at its HQ in Staefa, Switzerland.

Using state-of-the art technology, the Swiss-based company produces solutions for adults and children with a hearing loss in the most challenging of listening environments. The ultimate goal of the experts at Phonak is to make a key contribution to the quality of life of those with a hearing impairment, their family and friends.

Phonak has not only the technological know how, but also the corporate culture to assume its leading role. We are compelled to create a working environment in which it is possible to put theoretical principles into practice. We set out to motivate groups of highly-qualified specialists and research institutes all over the world, to devise answers to specific problems and turn them into practicable solutions.

For us, total hearing is ultimate user satisfaction; for our customers, total hearing is integration, thanks to communication. Our vision for the future builds on the offer of immense hearing performance enhancements: we have the mission and the hearing systems to provide them.

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