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With our continually expanding network of qualified hearing aid dispensers throughout the UK, we are able to provide our service to over 90% of the UK mainland.
We do have contacts in the USA and throughout Europe. Please feel free to contact us for more information.
The information you provide via email, our contact/appointment form or by phone is treated with the utmost confidence. We only provide your information to a qualified hearing aid dispenser who is local to your geographical region. We may also use your information to contact you in the future for general feedback regards your appointment as part of our customer services.
A FREE no obligation consultation will be carried out by a fully qualified hearing aid audiologist who is licenced by the hearing aid council. This is a full audiometric test which the dispenser will analyse and then produce recommendations. This stage of the process is completely free. You are under no obligation to purchase and within your rights to look elsewhere if not completely satisfied with the quoted price and service.
When you have a consultation, the dispenser will perform a detailed assessment of your hearing problems, and then provide you with their own recommendations of suitable instruments available on the market. The main purpose of this meeting is to understand your lifestyle to ensure that you are fitted with the most suitable product at the best price.
If you decide to place an order for a hearing aid, the dispenser will need to take a mould of your ear. Because every person has a slightly different shape ear, hearing aids need to be custom made to ensure maximum comfort when wearing it. To create this mould, some paste is inserted into your outer ear which will take a couple of minutes to set. This mould is then sent to the manufacturer who will produce the hearing aid perfectly designed to fit comfortably in your ear.
Once an order has been placed, the hearing should be ready within 3 weeks. The dispenser will arrange a further meeting with yourself to fit the hearing aid, explain how it works and how to take care of it. Most digital hearing aids are very complex devices, which can be programmed in all manner of ways. The dispenser will help make this process far easier for you, ensuring it is correctly programmed for your personal lifestyle.
Every hearing aid will be provided on a trial basis for 30 days, allowing you to experiment with it in a variety of everyday situations such as watching TV, socializing, in work etc. Your dispenser will keep in contact regularly during this trial period offering advice in the use and adjustment of your hearing aid. Once the trial is complete, and in the unlikely event you are unhappy with the hearing aid for any reason, you have the option of returning it with a refund. If you decide the keep the hearing aid, an after-care service is provided as and when required. Your dispenser will help in providing batteries, repairs and adjustments as and when required.
All prices we are able to directly quote on are shown on our price list. For hearing aids not shown on our list, we will pass your details to a qualified hearing aid dispenser who will gladly provide you with a quote.

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