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Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey Laboratories

Starkey Laboratories got its start in 1967 when William Austin founded Professional Hearing Aid Service, an all-make hearing instrument repair service in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. After setting new standards for the way repairs were handled, Austin acquired Starkey Laboratories, a small earmould company, in 1971. With a mission to provide better hearing rather than just hearing aids, Austin merged the two businesses under the Starkey name, and eventually began making custom in-the-ear hearing aids.

Starkey Laboratories is now the world's leading manufacturer of custom hearing instruments with 33 facilities in 18 countries throughout North America, Central America, Europe, Asia and Australia, and a workforce of over 4,000.

Gemini hearing aid

Starkey Gemini

There are countless sound experiences that delight the senses, invigorate the soul, and bring a smile to the heart. Everyday moments that give a lasting dimension to your life, but only if you're able to hear and enjoy them to the fullest.

Now you can, with the help of Gemini, containing the latest breathroughs in digital hearing science.

Utilising the most advanced, 100% digital signal processing (DSP) design, Gemini effectively preserves and delivers an increased dynamic range in both high and low ranges providing a sound clarity that can help you understand people talking within your own range of hearing comfort.

What's more, Gemini is the only fully programmable digital hearing system that offers both a custom filter system with truly independent multi-channel compression. Because of the way your instruments separately respond to low and high frequency sounds, loud sounds are less likely to become uncomfortable while the soft sounds can be understood.

Gemini also features a sophisticated filtration which is automatically programmed into your instrument to prevent feedback even if the volume is increased.

The new Gemini Digital Hearing System is yet another breakthrough you'd expect from Starkey, America's leading hearing instrument manufacturer and world leader in hearing technology.

Aries hearing aid

Starkey Aries Hearing Aid

Introducing Aries. The World's Only Nine Channel Digital Hearing Instrument

If you're interested in improving your hearing, you've probably heard a lot about digital hearing instruments.

How they amplify sounds more clearly and naturally than conventional hearing aids. Even that they can reduce the distraction of background noise. But with so many to choose from, how can you be sure which is right for you?

Yes, digital hearing technology can do amazing things with the sounds you hear. But only when the technology closely matches the way you hear, as well as your individual listening requirements. That's why we're pleased to offer Starkey's new Aries Digital Hearing System.

Based On An Old Fashioned, But Successful System

What better way to design a hearing aid than to copy the system that has worked for thousands of years? Compared to other digital hearing aids, Aries more closely imitates the function of your inner ear, where sound signals are divided and converted for processing by the brain.

The inner ear is extraordinarily sensitive to the tiniest differences in sound loudness and pitch. To recreate this, Aries' digital sound processor divides incoming sounds into more narrower channels, nine in all, each with its own very precise adjustment.

With nine channels of sound…

The nine channels react instantaneously to sudden changes in sound levels and an exclusive technology too loud sounds and noise in quiet surroundings, giving you a more realistic and natural sound quality.

Thanks to advances in design and manufacturing, Aries is available in all sizes, including the virtually invisible CIC. Friends will notice how much better you're hearing.

Aries gives you digital sophistication for today's Active and Varied Lifestyles.

Today, more of life's activities depend on accurate understanding and communication, but there is more interference and distractions.

Aries' increased sophistication lets us provide you with a significantly more effective digital hearing solution.

Even better, Aries' unmatched flexibility lets us more precisely fine-tune its performance to complement your lifestyle needs and situations. We encourage you to find out more about how Aries could be the digital hearing system you've been waiting for.

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