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Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon: World Leaders

Founded in 1904 in Odense, Denmark, by Hans Demant who was inspired by personal experience because his wife was hard of hearing, and he was determined to help her and others like her. After his death 1910, his son William continues the family business until it expanded and is worldwide and one of the most innoavative hearing aids companies in the world.


Oticon introduced the first fully automatic hearing aid without volume control in 1991.

In 2004 the Confederation of Danish Industries awarded Oticon a top prestigious Product Price for its Syncro digital hearing aid, the first with artificial intelligence.

Denmark is the world leader for hearing aids and has increased its world market share in the industry from 29% in 1999 to 45% in 2003.


Oticon Syncro 2 – this is an improved version of Syncro with no extra cost.  The best just got better.  It has eight channels, four bands and four listening programmes and uses artificial intelligence to mimic the way the brain processes sound.  Syncro 2 has a new Memory Function which collects data about how you use it: such as listening environments, use of volume control, use of programmes and average use per day and automatically adapts.  And, like all new Oticon hearing aids Syncro 2 makes you at ease with the telephone, eliminates any feedback whistling and lets you watch your HDTV with all the extras normally with your friends and family.  It can also determine from which direction a sound is coming, how loud a sound is and even whether or not the wind is blowing.


Oticon Epoq – The XW, W and V Epoq range incorporate three levels of technology to improve localisation of sound, speech enhancement, natural sound, a wide frequency range – all lacking in many hearing aids.


Oticon Dual – this range of hearing aids with high-tech elegance and the advantage of natural sound quality allow you to cater for both cosmetic and performance preferences.  These are particularly good for high frequency hearing losses.


Oticon Hit & Hit Pro - Oticon Hit is designed for cost conscious people who are looking for a safe and easy solution.  With long battery life and a discreet yet robust design, Hit is both easy to adjust to and easy to live with.


Oticon have created a number of breakthrough systems including the first Bluetooth hearing aids with the 'Epoq', and new top performing mi-range aids the Vigo Pro and Vigo. The Oticon Sumo remains one of the best super power hearing aids for severe to profound hearing loss. The new Oticon Dual has now replaced the best selling Oticon Delta and is Bluetooth compatible alongside the Epoq.


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