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Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak is a global leader in the development and manufacture of hearing systems at its HQ in Staefa, Switzerland.

Using state-of-the art technology, the Swiss-based company produces solutions for adults and children with a hearing loss in the most challenging of listening environments. The ultimate goal of the experts at Phonak is to make a key contribution to the quality of life of those with a hearing impairment, their family and friends.

Phonak has not only the technological know how, but also the corporate culture to assume its leading role. We are compelled to create a working environment in which it is possible to put theoretical principles into practice. We set out to motivate groups of highly-qualified specialists and research institutes all over the world, to devise answers to specific problems and turn them into practicable solutions.

For us, total hearing is ultimate user satisfaction; for our customers, total hearing is integration, thanks to communication. Our vision for the future builds on the offer of immense hearing performance enhancements: we have the mission and the hearing systems to provide them.

Claro 11 CIC

Claro digital hearing aid. It shook the hearing world.

The world's first digital microphone - a new era in audio technology.

The Claro CIC marks the beginning of a new era in audio technology: by developing the world’s first digital microphone Phonak has succeeded in digitizing the entire signal processing path, from the microphone to the receiver.

The result: ultimate shielding from any kind of electromagnetic interference, plus significantly improved dynamic and frequency range.

Integrating a high-performance 16 bit A/D converter into the microphone's housing made it possible to incorporate Claro's unique and sophisticated features into the super-compact CIC housing.

Claro CIC: maximum digital performance in a minimum of space.

Claro, the first all-digital hearing system that responds to speech and sound like the healthy human ear - the key to personal perception. Claro combines unique digital advances to clearly improve hearing, and enjoyment of life:

Digital Perception Processing (DPP)

The first hearing system that listens so you can relax and enjoy sound anywhere.


Fully automatic program selection, bringing convenience and performance without compromises.

Fine-scale Noise Cancellor

The intelligent system for precise, high-resolution suppression of interfering background noises.

Adaptive digital AudioZoom

The first fully automatic multi-microphone system, actively separating speech from background sounds (except CIC).

Continuous analysis of the acoustic environment prompts automatic selection between two programmes; QuietAdapt and NoiseAdapt

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